Elevate Your December Holidays with Pace Car Rental

December in South Africa. A time adorned with joyous reunions, vibrant festivities, and a spirit of celebration that gently envelops us all. As this enchanting time of the year approaches, we at Pace Car Rental invite you to weave through the spectacular landscapes of South Africa, with the perfect vehicular companion by your side. Whether it is the sun-kissed coast of Durban, the charm of Cape Town, or the serenity of Gqeberha that calls to you, we have a meticulously maintained and thoughtfully chosen vehicle to elevate your journey.

A Vehicle for Every Adventure

Embark on a journey where every drive becomes an indelible part of your holiday memories. Explore with our dynamic SUVs – whether it is the compact Toyota Urban Cruiser, the versatile Nissan X-Trail, or the capacious Toyota Fortuner, every road, from city streets to secluded trails, is yours to conquer.

For those group adventures filled with shared stories and collective awe at every unfolding landscape, our minibuses like the sleek Hyundai Staria and the robust Toyota Quantum offer a space where every moment is lived together.

And when it is about striking the perfect chord between adventure and relaxation, our double cabs, including the sturdy Haval P-Series 4×2 and the robust Ford Ranger 4×4, promise an unwavering companion for every surf and turf escapade.

Enchanting Adventures Await

There are so many different uses for our rental vehicles. In Durban, let our SUVs be your guide to coastal trails untouched by time, leading you along the splendid Golden Mile and through the serene ambiance of the Indian Ocean’s lullaby.

Moving to Cape Town, our minibuses become the vessel for shared astonishment, as you collectively behold the majesty of Table Mountain, delve into poignant stories at Robben Island, and wander through the kaleidoscopic streets of Bo-Kaap.

Or, let our double cabs lead your spirit of adventure through Gqeberha’s hidden treasures, from the tranquil havens like Sardinia Bay to vibrant local markets, ensuring every cherished find has a place on your journey back.

Your Journey, Beautifully Crafted with Pace

With the undulating roads ahead, the euphoria of discovery permeating through every moment, and Pace Car Rental’s varied fleet as your steadfast companion, we invite you to etch a journey through South Africa that will be reminisced across times to come.

Let the warmth of the South African sun, intricately intertwined with our unwavering commitment to your delightful journeys, guide you toward a holiday experience adorned with tales, smiles, and splendid adventures. Here is to the roads yet to be discovered, and here is to you – our esteemed explorers, setting forth on a journey where every moment becomes a cherished memory with Pace Car Rental.