Leave Your Cares (and Your Car) Behind with a One-Way Rental from Pace

As we gradually return to the rhythm of travel and adventure, the notion of a stress-free journey becomes more appealing than ever. Understanding this desire, Pace Car Rental introduces an enticing offer that is hard to resist. We are eliminating the one-way fee from Johannesburg to Cape Town for all vehicles (except bakkies, panel vans, and trucks), and we are also waiving the one-way fee from Johannesburg to Umhlanga for our Group B vehicles (Suzuki Swift or similar). This special deal is the perfect excuse to embark on a memorable road trip without the hassle of a return journey.

Why Choose One-Way Car Rental?

Flexibility and Convenience

One-way car rentals provide unparalleled flexibility. Whether you are relocating, taking a long holiday, or just wanting to explore a new city, the one-way option means you are not tied down to returning to your starting point. This convenience is particularly beneficial for those planning to fly back from their destination.

Cost-Effective Travel

Our current special offer makes this an incredibly cost-effective way to travel. With the one-way fee waived, you save significantly, especially on longer trips.

Explore More, Worry Less

Driving down to the coast, especially along the scenic routes from Johannesburg to Cape Town or Umhlanga, is an experience in itself. With a one-way rental, you can take your time, explore hidden gems along the way, and not worry about the long drive back.

Ideal for Long-Distance Travelers

Particularly suitable for those who find long return drives tiring or time-consuming, this option allows you to enjoy your journey to the fullest.

A Range of Vehicles to Suit Your Needs

From the comfortable and efficient Group B vehicles like the Suzuki Swift – perfect for city explorers and couples – to a broader range of cars suitable for families or larger groups, we have got you covered.

Embrace the Journey with Pace Car Rental

Our limited-time offer invites you to “leave your cares (and your car) behind.” Imagine cruising down to the coast, the breeze in your hair, not a worry about the return trip. Drop off your rental at our branches in Cape Town or Umhlanga and conveniently catch your flight back to Johannesburg. It’s the epitome of ease and efficiency.

Act Fast

This is a golden opportunity for those planning a getaway, a move, or just a change of scenery. Book your one-way rental today and embark on a journey where the road stretches out in front of you, full of possibilities, and free from the constraints of a round-trip itinerary.

Visit our webiste now to take advantage of this exceptional offer and turn your travel dreams into reality. Let the road be your guide and let us take care of the rest!