Do you want to know how much a 40 000km service on a 14-Seater Quantum costs? As a South African car hire company that specializes in long term car hire and van rental. With a few Luxury Toyota Quantum’s on fleet to rent out as well as SUV rental ,truck rental and minibus rental we decided to shed light on how much service would cost and benefits of Toyota Quantum Minibus Hire.

Features and benefits of a Toyota Quantum Minibus Hire

  • Provides better comfort to people travelling in a group.
  • Enough storage space for luggage and plenty of leg room for passengers; we have 8 and 10-seater rentals available.
  • A Kombi can accommodate a bigger group of people when compared to private cars and small vehicles for rent.
  • It’s more affordable than other forms of transport, where the van rental cost is shared among co-travelers.
  • We allow minibus rentals to Zimbabwe from Johannesburg at cheap rates.

Why rent a Toyota Quantum from Pace Car Rental?

Pace Car Rental has a proven track record in the long term car rental industry in Johannesburg. We go the extra mile to ensure that our clients are provided with the best quality rentals. These vehicles are perfect for those who intend to travel in large groups as it can accommodate several people (and their luggage). Our Rates are by far the most affordable, as low as R1 185 per day for the latest Quantum.

The quote for the 40 000km service on the 14-Seater Quantum in 2019 should look as follows:      

Service Parts / Fluids Price (R)
OB1C23X 1663.20
Consumables 125.00
Fuel Filter 683.94
Remote Battery 34.97
Gasket Sump Plug 12.03
Oil Filter 231.89
Engine Oil (7.10 litres) 678.48
Differential Oil (5 litres) 1136.40
Brake fluid 113.66
Element, Air refiner 608.49
Vat 793.21
TOTAL 6081.25

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