Pace Car Rental Johannesburg is the home of long term car rental, specializing in a wide range of vehicle hires including SUV rental , Panel vans as well as minibus hires. With many Renault Kwid’s on fleet we thought we would shed some light on the service and maintenance cost. This blog will help give an indication on how much a 60 000 km Renault Kwid service costs.  We also provide helpful car service tips and highlight the importance of vehicle maintenance.

The estimated service quote for a 60 000 km service on the Renault Kwid in 2019 should look as follows:      

Service Parts / Fluids Price (R)
Sump Plug 13.48
Oil Filter 75.21
Air Filter 130.18
Spark Plugs 145.16
Accessory Belt 156.66
Accessory Belt Alt 342.26
Labour (1.8 hours) 1345.96
Oil (2.5 litres) 476.10
Consumables 223

The importance of maintenance

Excluding costs, maintaining your car increases your safety on the road. Through regular services and paying attention to your vehicle, this helps to keep your vehicle running the way it should.

When regular maintenance and servicing of your vehicle is not done regularly, parts will wear and ultimately cause more underlying problems. This could become very problematic and even dangerous if it remains unattended over time. For example, if tyres are worn out and unattended the car could potentially suffer a tyre blowout while you are driving on the road.

Some suggested safety check tips:

  • Check your tyres as often as possible
  • Check the engine oil
  • Give your car a wash
  • Get familiar with your car
  • Change wipers, clean windows

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