As many of us are very well aware, President Ramaphosa announced last night that we are moving from a level 5 lockdown to a level 4 lockdown. But how many of us know what this means? Also, how many of us are prepared for the new adjustment?

Level 5, where we will be at until the end of the month, is the hardest stage of the lockdown. Drastic measures are in place to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

On the 1st of May, we will be moving to level 4. Many of the limitations placed by the level 5 lockdown will remain in effect, but there will be some restrictions that will be lifted. Some more sectors will be allowed to resume their activity.

Levels 3 to 1 further ease the limitations placed by the lockdown, and we are all very eager to get to these lower levels so that normal social and economic activity can resume. But the reality is that we are only now coming to level 4.

With some more economic activity set to resume, the question that must be asked is a simple one: Are you ready?

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