If you are looking for a small car to run around with in the city, or if you are looking for a long term car rental booking a car rental is quite easy either way, it’s just important to book in the right car rental category group for your needs.

Pace Car Rental advises to talk to our helpful reservations agents on 011 262 5500 / info@pacecarrental.co.za before you make a decision based on the rate you see on our car rental rates page. Some important factors to consider are: the number of passengers travelling with you, how many kilometres you will be driving, the amount of luggage you may have – this will help us find the best car rental option for your specific needs with the least costs and best performance for you.

Your rental car and holiday activities need to match, as using a small compact car rental for off road driving may damage the car and increase any damage waivers you may incur.

Also please note that we cannot promise you a specific car you want, but you are welcome to request a specific car in one of our car groups. If you are in the market to buy a new car, this is the time to do a bit of test driving.

A credit card isn’t the only way to pay for your car rental at Pace. Debit cards and cash are also accepted at all our branches. Pace requires the rental fee, deposit fee plus a contract fee paid upfront.

We do not accept renting a car for someone else on your credit card – but we can add them as an additional driver for R225.

When selecting a rental car, Pace advises to think about where you will be driving and how much mileage you will need as there is an additional kilometer charge once you have exceeded your free kilometers given according to rental days chosen. Just a reminder – even if it is a rental car you are still liable for the rental car.