The Best 4×4 Rentals in Johannesburg+

Book your next 4x4 bakkie rental with Pace Car Rental Johannesburg today. Call 011 262 5500 for...

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Transparency In Car Rental+

Reliability. Honesty. Transparency. The Pace Car Rental website makes it easy for you to get the necessary...

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Advice: Under Debt Review, Blacklisted and Need Car Finance?+

There is a reason they call it blacklisted!  When you have a judgement or default listed against...

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Pointers for Saving Fuel on Your Next Automatic Car Rental+

To keep your rental car running optimally, all Pace Car Rental customers are strongly advised to keep...

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Half ton versus 1 Ton Bakkies+

The bakkie market in South Africa is huge, with their strength, durability and versatility, it is no...

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Diesel Versus Petrol Bakkies which one to go for?+

There is a wide range of bakkies available on the market that was made for a wide...

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Nissan NP 300 Bakkie Review+

The Nissan NP 300 has been one of South Africa’s favourite workhorses for a while now because...

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Izuzu KB 3.0D Teq 4×4 Review+

The Izuzu KB 3.0D is one of the most popular club cab bakkies in South Africa and...

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10 Seater Toyota Quantum+

The Toyota Quantum 10-seater and 14-seater commuter bus, crew cab and panel van models have been given...

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Hyundai i20 Review+

The five-door option is a much more popular choice as it offers you a roomier interior than...

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