Simple answer to the question from the Pace Car Rental Team. At 9 September 2013 the cost of a 75 000km service for a Polo Vivo is about R1,051.86 broken down as follows:

  • 1 x Sump Screw – R 18.19
  • 1 x Oil Filter – R 177.31
  • 3,7Litres Engine Oil – R 349.69
  • 0,5 hours Labour @ R575 per hour – R 287.50
  • Consumables – R 90.00

Add VAT to the total and you get R1,051.86

If your branch of VW has given you a different quotation, you should be looking for the following possible differences.  The labour rate differs from branch to branch, and VW allow this.  Usually the closer the branch is to Sandton or Hatfield, the more expensive the labour.  Some garages do charge for a full 4 litres of oil, the Polo Vivo only takes 3,7litres of oil and these garages use a pump, so they will only use 3,7litres.  Call them on this if they try to over charge you, and lets us know.  Some garages change the pollen filter every time you go in.  This is not required, it is easy to see if the Pollen filter is dirty and if it is dirty it should be changed.  If it is not there is no need to change it. If they do offer to change it for you, ask if it is dirty, and if it needs to be changed.  This will save you on the price of the filter and the labour that goes with this.

If you read the 60,000km service article you will see tips on how to save money on the cost of replacing your brakes and wiper blades on the Polo Vivo.  At Pace Car Rental we focus on long term rental, and the cost of servicing our fleet is big so we have been looking at ways of reducing the cost of maintenance on our rental vehicles without compromising the warrantee or the safety of the vehicle.  You can have your brakes and wiper blades changed anywhere without compromising the warrantee.