Do you drive a Renault Kwid? Are you unsure of service costs or how much to spend on your cars next service? Don’t worry – Pace Car Rental can help.

This blog will help give an indication on how much a 30 000km service on your Renault Kwid would cost and what to look out for. Pace car rental Johannesburg is the home of  long term car rental. Pace specializes in a wide range of vehicle hires including car hire, bakkie hire as well as minibus hires. With many Renault Kwid’s on fleet we thought we would shed some light on services and maintenance relating to Renault Kwid.

What to look out for on your wiper blades:

– Scoring, scratches, warping of the windscreen

– Jerks, grabbing noise

– Areas that are not wiped

– Poor visibility in light rain

What to look out for on your tyres:

– Insufficient pressure in the tyres

– A used or deformed tyre tread

– Vibrations in the steering wheel or unusual noises in the passenger compartment

– A tendency of the vehicle to go to one side instead of going straight

What to look out for on your brakes:

– Extended braking distance

– Your brake pedal is vibrating

– Your pedal becomes stuck in the air

– Your car veers to one side when braking

What to look out for on your exhaust:

– Unusual noise when starting or when on the road

– Excessive fuel consumption

– Black smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe

– A sudden decrease in power

The quote for the 30 000km service on the Renault Kwid in 2019 should look as follows:      

Service Parts / Fluids Price
Air Filter 163.58
Kit Compart 119.57
Engine Oil Filter 92.25
Ring Gasket 4.60
Extra 5W40 5L 382.20
Consumables 88.00
VAT 218.16

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