Toyota Fortuner 100 000 KM service cost

This information is provided by Pace Fleet Services – a specialist leasing business which specializes in full maintenance leases for expats and people under debt review.

A Toyota Fortuner has a service plan to 90,000 KMs and the standard Toyota warrantee of 36 months or 100,000 KMs, so by the time you get to your 100,000 KM service there is no longer a need to service your vehicle Toyota in order to maintain your warrantee.  This will be the first time that you are paying for your own service of your vehicle, so we are sure that you would like to know what the price is for a 100,000 KM service for your Toyota Fortuner 2.4GD vehicle.

The Toyota Fortuner 100 000 km service cost is at April 2021 as follows:

Oil FilterR200
Diesel FilterR260
Air FilterR400
Oil (8 litres)R600
Labour (incl. checks – 2 hours)R900
Total PriceR2,360
Toyota Fortuner 100 000 KM service cost

Pace Fleet run their own workshops in Sandton and Cape Town and do accept walk in business.  If you would like to have your vehicle serviced at our workshops, just call in on 010 141 1790 or email and ask for a quote. 

Possible additional costs when servicing your Fortuner would be as follows:

TyresR2,000 – R4,800 per tyre (Dependent on quality)
BrakesR1,500 (Including fitment)
Brake DiscsR1,400 each (Including fitment)
Windscreen WipersR400 (Including fitment)

I hope that this information helps you to negotiate with your supplier and get the right price for the service of your Toyota fortuner.