In the wake of the 2009 global recession, where a lot of people lost their jobs and got blacklisted as a result, there is a need for alternatives to transport that exclude our dismal (at best) public transport system.

Let’s say you were earning about R15 000 per month in a seemingly secure job and were happily climbing the career ladder. You had a vehicle on finance and other accounts, that you paid religiously every month to keep your credit record clear, until one day you get to work to find all your colleagues in a panic.  After enquiring what was going on, you find out that company management has decided to retrench a third of the workforce in an attempt to remain profitable.

In the first couple of months after retrenchment you apply for jobs at the speed of white light with no joy. The banks and your other creditors start constantly harassing you for their due payments and eventually they blacklist you for non-payment.

Now your financial life is ruined, you have lost your dignity and your way of transport.  Out of desperation and lack of other options you decide to start a business only to find that it is easier said than done without financing, as the business must provide for its own growth while still covering your monthly living expenses.

Then there is the question of how are you going to get around to service clients, get to sales calls etc.  The first thought that will come to mind in a first world country is public transport, but we live in Africa. Our public transport system is unsafe and unreliable, putting you at risk.

As a car rental company in Johannesburg, we have seen this increasing need and have long term car rental options for those who have been blacklisted or who are experiencing financial and logistical difficutlies, with a wide range of payment options and very competitive rates.

Benefits of renting a car long term:

  • Better cost control as it is a fixed monthly expense
  • Your vehicle is not subject to a depreciating resale value
  • Allows you to drive a late model car with recent safety technology
  • It provides flexibility as you can rent the car for as long as you need
  • You can change the car you drive regularly to keep up with trends and requirements.
  • Does not require a large capital outlay as would be the case when you purchase a vehicle
  • You don’t have to worry about services as it is included in the car rental deal in most cases

We also have a rent to own car leasing option where we provide our clients with our off fleet vehicles at a reduced rate.

Pace Car Rental’s aim is to show you that there is life after getting retrenched and/or becoming blacklisted. Luckily, the South African economy is experiencing a strong growth trend, with employment almost on the levels where it was before the recession.

Do you have any other viable ideas for transport when you are blacklisted or under debt-review?

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