Can you confidently say that you, your staff, or the people close to you have a safe and reliable means of emergency transport during this lockdown period?

Many of us have depended on public transport for a long time. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping through the nation at alarming rate, we cannot rely on public transport to get us from point A to point B safely.

That is why we need to consider car rental as not only an alternative, but as the future.

Renting a small vehicle allows one a greater degree of personal freedom, but it allows for something much more important during this lockdown period.

It allows for control. Control over who and how many people you travel with. Control over the airflow in the vehicle. Control over the temperature of the vehicle. Control over how hygienic the vehicle is.

These are priceless at a time such as this. When we get onto that train or that bus, we simply do not know who was there before us. We don’t know if they have COVID-19 or not, and we don’t know if the vehicle in question has been properly sanitized for the safety of its passengers.

Having your own car puts you in the driving seat in a literal and figurative sense. You can sanitize the vehicle to a degree you are comfortable with. You can open the windows at your own convenience to improve airflow. You decide who rides in the car with you. You know how hygienic your vehicle is.

So rent a car from Pace today! It may be the best decision that you make for yourself, your loved ones, or your staff or co-workers.

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