Many of us watched last night as President Ramaphosa made an announcement regarding the nationwide lockdown.

From the 1st of May, we will be moving from Level 5 of the lockdown to Level 4. While many of the existing rules still apply, some are being relaxed as the curve continues to flatten over time.

While the President did say that those who are able to work from home should do so and that they cannot be forced by anyone to come into the office, there is now the opportunity for more people to return to work in the coming weeks in, as the President announced, batches of no more than a third of the company’s total workforce.

This presents companies with an ideal opportunity to implement the so-called “red team/blue team” approach.

Essentially what this means is that, if you have a case of COVID-19 in your office, you disinfect the office space and bring in a team (the blue team) to do the customer-facing tasks while the red team works from home until their tests come back as negative.

This approach still complies with the lockdown regulations and helps limit the spread of COVID-19. It also allows the business to try and operate as well as it possibly can, given the impact that having one less team in the office will have.

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