You’ll want to be very hands-on in the new KIA Sportage. Full of soft touch materials, high-end finishes and the utmost attention to every detail, the interior is just as comfortable as you’d imagine.

From the stylish seats to the use of premium quality materials throughout the cabin, there’re no shortage of features to make you feel right at home. The new ergonomic cockpit is fully oriented towards the driver – with everything perfectly placed for you to use with ease.

While the upper part of the dashboard offers convenient eye-level display, the lower command zone puts everything you need within reach. It’s a beautiful mix of innovation, comfort and world-class design.

The Benefits of choosing an SUV Rental:

  • An SUV can carry more luggage
  • It provides you with a comfortable ride
  • It can accommodate more people, so you do not have to rent more than one car
  • An SUV can withstand rough roads that you are likely to encounter during camping adventures
  • If you are going away for a sports event, an SUV has more than enough space for all the equipment that needs to tag along

This is why renting an SUV will make it a great travel experience for you. If you are looking for an SUV Rental in Johannesburg, Then call us on 011 262 5500 to book your next SUV rentals