Trucks that use a tail lift have a lifting tail gate at the rear of the truck which helps with the loading and offloading of heavy or voluminous equipment. Pace Car Rental has an Isuzu Closed 8 Ton Panel Van Box Truck as well as an Isuzu Closed 4 Ton Panel Van Box Truck For Hire both fitted with a tail lift  Our tail lift truck rental is available at an affordable rate. Whether you are looking to rent a tail lift truck for a day, a week or on a monthly basis. Pace Car Rental has the correct truck hire to suit your needs.

Tail lift trucks are usually used in the pharmaceutical, logistics, FMCG, furniture and filming / production industries.

Tail lift trucks are the ideal solution when loading large heavy materials into / onto a truck. Tail lift trucks add an extendable tail or lift that drops down that effortlessly lifts up the materials that you are loading to the truck.

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