The ultimate road-trip safety checklist – Road-trips are always fun and exciting. You get to experience new places with some of your favourite people, and the opportunity for riveting adventures are around every corner. While they definitely form some of life’s most memorable experiences, it is of utmost importance to remember the ultimate road-trip rule: safety first. A long drive on the open road can be unpredictable, so we always need to  be prepared for the unexpected. If you’re planning a road-trip, consult this safety checklist for everything you need to ensure that your trip is as safe as it is enjoyable.

Make sure that the car is good to go

While this may seem glaringly obvious, you need to check every inch of the car you’re using to travel in. Make sure the wiper blades are working, the wheels have enough air in them and there are no punctures. If you’ve made use of a vehicle hire service, it’s probably already all been checked for you, but do a once-over check anyway, just to be safe. And when you fill up with petrol, ask the pump attendant to check your oil and water as well – breaking down at the side of the road will seriously dampen your road-tripping spirits.

Pack a First Aid kit

Because anything can happen at any point, it’s important to make sure you have all of the essentials. Pack some headache pills and hydration powder in along with the plasters and bandages – there is nothing worse than travelling long distances with a nagging headache and a long way to go before you see any sign of a shop

Make sure you have enough food

When driving, being alert at all times is key, which is why it’s so important to pack enough snacks to keep your blood sugar levels up. Nuts, fruit and protein bars are an excellent source of nutrients and will sustain your blood sugar levels for extended periods of time. Be sure to load up on these to prevent yourself from getting sleepy behind the wheel.

staying alert on the road

Get plenty of rest beforehand

As we’ve already mentioned, staying alert on the road is extremely important. Make sure you get enough sleep to carry you through the duration of your trip. A tired driver is a dangerous one, so do what you can to ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers.

Plan your route strategically

On any long trip, you need to take as many breaks as possible, at least one every two hours. Plan your route, as well as your estimated time of arrival at your destination, to incorporate pit stops at which you can freshen up, get something to eat and stretch your legs.

Take more than one licensed driver with you

All the driving can’t be done by just one person, especially if the trip is longer than six hours. Make sure that you have at least two licensed drivers in the car, so that the journey can be shared. This prevents fatigue and will promote alertness, creating a safer, more enjoyable ride for everyone.

All in all, road-trips can be some of the best experiences of one’s life. However, staying safe on the roads is more important than anything else. So follow these tips, create an awesome music playlist and enjoy the ride.

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