The price quoted for a VW Polo Vivo’s 30 000KM Service can range from dealership to dealership and visibility around which parts needs to be replaced on the 30000km service on the VW Polo Vivo is not always easy to find. As a home grown South African Car Rental business that specialises in long term car rental, we share some tips as well as recent pricing in order to help prevent that you get taken for a ride on the 30000km service on your VW Polo Vivo.

For a standard 30000km service on your VW Polo Vivo you will need the following parts at the following approximate prices as at 15 August 2016:

1 x Screw R21
1 x  Airfilter R169
1 x Oil Filter R138
1 x Pollen Filter R220
3.7 litres of Engine Oil @ R107.27/litre R396.90
1.1 Hours of Labour @ R700 per hour R770
Total EXCL. VAT R1714.90
VAT R240.09
Total INCL. VAT R1954.99


Again it is important to ensure that they only charge you for 3.7 litres of engine oil and not 4 litres, they use a tank with a pump to fill the engine oil, overfilling is not advised and they cannot say that they used 4x1litre bottles.

You might be asked to replace the brake pads, never do this at the dealership. Most vehicles are released with ATE as their preferred brake pad brand, this can be found at any Speedy’s at more than half the price.

How much did you pay for your last VW Polo Vivo 30000km Service? Please leave your thoughts and comments below.