If you are wondering what a 45,000 km service for a Volkswagen Polo Vivo costs this is the place to look.  Pace Car Rental have plenty of experience from running a fleet of Polo Vivo’s for their car rental fleet.   The answer at 23 August 2013 is R949.19 incl VAT.
The invoice should look like this:

  • 1 x Screw – R 18.32
  • 1 x Oil Filter – R 178.31
  • 3.7 x 94.51  Engine Oi – R 351.69
  • Labour half an hour R 575 x .5  = R 287.50

After adding VAT to this and you will get about R949.19

At Pace we often get asked to change brake pads on our rental cars at this service, and you may already be feeling a shudder on the steering when you brake. VW will suggest that you change the brake discs and also change the brake pads. This can be a very costly experience at the dealership. We usually take the vehicle to the nearest Speedy to get the brakes changed. They usually offer on-car skimming to fix the shudder on the steering. You can skim the brake discs once, and only once. More than that is dangerous. Depending on the age of your car it may be time to change the wiper blades at this service, the Vivo has a very generic wiper blade and if you are handy I would suggest fitting it yourself to save on the labour charge.

By using a specialist brake shop rather than your VW dealership you will save at least R1,000 on your cost.  ATE is the chosen brake pad of most manufacturers like VW and Toyota and Speedy will fit ATE brake pads for you at a fraction of the cost, so no worry about the quality the quality will be identical to the dealership.   Usually the brakes can be fitted while you wait so don’t stress about the time it will take. Again on this service, watch the invoice you get for the oil 3,7litres not 4 litres and labour time, it is only 30 minutes.