Pace Car Rental provide this info to help the consumer, if it helps you please don’t forget to +1 this post.  The 60,000 km service is a more expensive service for a Polo Vivo, because the spark plugs get changed on this service and all the filters.  In this service you will be asked to change your brake pads if they have not already been changed, and probably your wipers and the anti-freeze.

The base service excluding the items listed above at 30 August 2013 are the following:

  • 1 x Sump Screw – R 18,19
  • 1 x Airfilter – R 150.15
  • 1 x Oil Filter – R 177.31
  • 1 x Pollen filter – R 204.51
  • 1 x Spark Plugs – R 195.32
  • Engine Oil 94,51x 3.7Litres – R 349.69
  • 1,6 hours Labour @R575ph – R 920.00

Total including VAT – R2,297.61

We got a price for brake pads from our local speedy and they charged R718 including Vat and Labour.  Compare this to your quote if you get a quote from VW.  A general tip VW are negotiable so you could get the service advisor to do it for R1,000 all in if you speak nicely to them, which is easy because VW are the friendliest brand out there.  The wipers on these cars are dead easy to change, so you could change them at a Midas for about R50 if you have the time.  At our car rental agencies we keep a stock of these so that we can keep our wipers in perfect condition.

If your quote differs from the one above, check firstly, the number of litres of oil, then the number of hours of labour, then the hourly rate for labour.  Different garages charge different rates for labour.  The further you are from Sandton or Hatfield the cheaper your labour rates will be.

Just as a matter of interest a garage pays about R6,000 for a 210litre barrel of oil.  Do the math.