Pace Car Rental runs a large fleet of VW Polo Vivo mainly for long term car rental.  We have compiled in our blog the details of the various services for a Polo Vivo.  The cost of a 90,000km service for a Polo Vivo Base at 18 September 2013 is R1,734.

Air filter R    139.68
Pollen Filter R    189.81
Oil Filter R    164.56
Consumables R      96.36
Screw R      18.69
Oil 3,7 litres @94.51 per litre R    349.69
Labour .9 x R625 per hour R    562.50
Add VAT R    212.98
Total R 1,734.27

Important note** the pollen filter and the air cleaner element don’t always need to be changed or cleaned, only if they are dirty, if they are dirty you pay for the new filter and 0.1 hours of labour, and you pay for 0.1 horus of labour for cleaning the air cleaner element, so always ask if the air filter is dirty before they change it.

When your vehicle is getting to the 90,000 service you should be looking at all the items that you would have repaired under the guarantee, you get a 3 year 120,000km warrantee on your Polo Vivo,  and when your car gets to 90,000kms you should be close to the end of that warrantee.  VW are consistent winners of the manufacturer of the year award and they are always good about honouring their warrantees.  We have had fuel pumps and radios fixed under warrantee on our rental cars, so take stock of the items that you can see are not lasting like they should and mention it to your service advisor.

Amazingly your first 6 services for a Polo Vivo will cost you on average less than R1,500 per service, this is real value for money and in our experience is cheaper than even the tiny Korean competitors out there.

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